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Astrophotography Masterclass and Stargazing, Hanle Dark Sky Reserve, Ladakh
2th-7th July 2024 


Join us on a celestial journey to Hanle, home to one of the darkest and clearest skies in the world, making it a pilgrimage site for Indian astronomers, astrophotographers, and astronomy enthusiasts. Join us for an exclusive astrophotography workshop & stargazing where the serenity of Hanle’s landscapes meets the infinite beauty of the night skies.

Astrophotography & Stargazing Workshop:

In this intimate workshop, two award-winning astrophotographers and amateur astronomers, with over 20 years of experience capturing the night sky, will guide a small group of participants. They will share essential tips and tricks to enhance your astrophotography skills. Through hands-on practice, you’ll learn to shoot the magnificent skies alongside the picturesque landscapes of Hanle. Beyond photography, participants will engage in stargazing sessions, using telescopes to observe distant galaxies, planets, and nebulas, from bortle-1 skies. Our experts will assist you in planning your shots using the latest apps and software, ensuring you make the most of your experience.

Interactive discussion sessions will delve into various techniques and methods of astrophotography, while daytime sightseeing and scouting excursions will help you plan and frame your shots perfectly and explore one of the most remote regions during the night for an unparalleled stargazing experience. Positioned in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, Hanle enjoys clear skies in July, an ideal time for capturing the vibrant summer Milky Way.

Join us in this astronomical adventure and transform the way you observe & capture the night sky.

Why Hanle:​​

Why Hanle

Explore the pristine skies of Hanle, home to the Indian Astronomical Observatory, recognized for its superb sky observation conditions. A 21 km radius around the observatory has recently been declared the Hanle Dark Sky Reserve—India's first such reserve. Special measures are implemented here to control light pollution and preserve the night sky. These unique conditions make Hanle one of the top destinations worldwide for stargazing and astrophotography. Join us for an unforgettable journey where the stars illuminate the night with unmatched clarity.

Here are some of the reasons why Hanle has ideas conditions for astronomy

  1. High altitude – At an altitude of 4300+ meters above sea level, the atmosphere is thin and provides amazing conditions for stargazing and astrophotography.

  2. Low temperature, rainfall and humidity – Ladakh is present in the rain shadow region of Himalayas. And due to which it received very little rainfall. Making Ladakh a high altitude cold desert. Hanle is present in the middle of the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to the very dry conditions and low temperature, Hanle is an extreme place but also one of the best locations for stargazing and astrophotography.

  3. Very low light pollution – Hanle originally had very little pollution but after been declared as a dark sky reserve special efforts are been made to preserve the night sky. It is home to the Indian Astronomical Observatory and has a culture of astronomy within the local community.


  • Acclimatizing in Leh to get your body used to low oxygen

  • Two award winning astrophotographers will work with a small group to guide and help them in shooting

  • It’s a guided astrophotography workshop which relevant for beginners as well as expert astrophotographers. We adapt the learning experience according to your skill level and pace.

  • Learn how to plan the shoot, scout locations, and shoot practically at Hanle dark sky reserve

  • Photograph the glory of summer milky way from one of the best skies in the world.

  • Our team will guide you and help you in preparing and shooting at conditions of Hanle.

  • Local sightseeing and planning of photos in day time

  • Light painting and people photography with stars.

  • Capture wide field photos deep sky objects

  • Telescope observation of galaxies, planets, nebulas, etc.


  • 6 Days and 5 Nights Stay in Leh and Hanle

  • Meals during the stay (Lunch during travel at Chumathang is not included)

  • Transport from Leh to Hanle and back

  • Guided shooting sessions with award winning astrophotographers.

  • Sightseeing at Hanle

  • Discussion session to plan and improve the photos.


  • Travel from your hometown to Leh and back

  • Lunch on the way to Hanle at Chumathang

  • Stay at Leh on 7th July after coming back from Hanle (if needed we can provide rooms at additional cost)

  • Camera/ equipment needed for the shoot

* To ensure a comfortable and safe experience, we include a two-day acclimatization period in Leh to help you adjust to the altitude. However, if you experience symptoms of acute mountain sickness, prompt evacuation to Leh is mandatory to safeguard your health. Please note, additional charges will apply for transportation back to Leh in such cases. We prioritize your well-being to ensure you enjoy every moment of your adventure!

Workshop Fee:

Introductory discounted price 48,699 INR per person - Double sharing stay​ 

(Rs 55499 Per person)

Group and student discount available. For details contact us.

​For booking contact us at 9958925011, 7042061503 or 

Terms & Conditions

1. Due to its unpredictability, we will not be responsible for bad weather during the

workshop and no refund will be provided in this case.

2. Sessions of the workshop are subject to change according to weather conditions.

3. We reserve the right to cancel or modify any session in the workshop.

4. In case the workshop is cancelled for unforeseen reasons from our end, full payment

will be refunded to the participants, however, we will not be responsible for any

losses that may occur due to travel arrangements made by participants.

5. In case of cancellation from the participant side up to 10 days prior to the workshop, 50%

of the amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. No refund will be done after that.

6. In case of cancelation from participants side the advance booking payment will not be refunded.

7. We are not responsible for loss, damage, and theft of personal belonging. We are

also, not responsible for any mishap or damage during the workshop.

8. Accommodation will be provided in double sharing to all the participants if not


9. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included in the participation fee. Lunch at Chumathang during travel from Leh to Hanle and back is not included. We will be stopping at restaurant participants can order themselves

10. Registration will be confirmed only after receiving the entire payment.

11. Applicants under the age of 18 years needs to travel with some adult.

12. Participants are responsible for their travel from their home town to Leh and back.

13. Smoking and drinking is not allowed during the trip as it increases the changes for getting Acute Mountain Sickness.

14. In case the participants symptoms of Acute Mountain sickness increase evacuation to Leh is mandatory. The Final call for evacuation will be taken by the organizers after consulting with a doctor. The transport cost for Evacuation from Hanle has to be paid by the participant.

15. 2 days of resting and acclimatization at Leh is mandatory. Participant will not be taken to Hanle if they fail to do that.

16. Doctors checkup will be done at Leh for every participant to check their fitness to travel to Hanle in case the doctor doesn’t recommend the participant to travel to Hanle then the participant will not be allowed to travel to Hanle. no refund will be done in that case.

17. In case you have any preexisting condition the participant need to get a checkup done by a doctor before coming to Leh and get a go ahead from the doctor in written.

Register for more details. 

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